Cali Special pizza image

Cali Special

Salami, Prawns, Onion, Olive, Garlic

  • $21.50

  • $14.00

Margarita pizza image


Cheese, Cheese, Fresh Tomato

  • $18.00

  • $12.00

Napoletana pizza image


Olives, Anchovies, Oragano, Garlic

  • $21.50

  • $14.00

Rossa Vege pizza image

Rossa Vege

Spinach, Onion, Mushroom, Olives, Jalapeno, …

  • $21.50

  • $14.00

There is no feeling better in the world than a warm CAPPA PIZZERIA'S PIZZA on your lap

Cappa Pizzeria is as much as an easy-breezy win for locals as it is a gem worth traveling to for interlopers with good taste in Tasmania. A better version of Italian Pizza and Wood Fired Pizza. We provide vegan pizza, the best taste pizza in Tasmania. We give you the best services of takeaway, fast delivery, and eating places. We are also known as the best fast food restaurant in Mornington.

20 pics Chicken Wings main course image

20 pics Chicken Wings

20 wings ( 1 or 2 Flavour choice) ***Choi…

  • $20.00

6 pics Chicken Wings main course image

6 pics Chicken Wings

6 Wings ( 1 Flavour choice) ***Choice of …

  • $9.00

12 pics Chicken Wings main course image

12 pics Chicken Wings

12 Wings ( 1 or 2 Flavour Choice) ***Choi…

  • $14.00

Cheese Burger ( Beef) main course image

Cheese Burger ( Beef)

Beef Patty, Cheese, Lettuce, Caramelised, On…

  • $17.00

Chicken Schnitzel main course image

Chicken Schnitzel

with creamy Mushroom, Pepper, Gravy

  • $20.00

Schnitty Burger main course image

Schnitty Burger

Crispy Chicken schnitzel, Lettuce, Onion, Ch…

  • $17.00

Chicken Parmi main course image

Chicken Parmi

With Napoli Sauce and Cheese ***Served wi…

  • $20.00

Hawaiin Parmi main course image

Hawaiin Parmi

With Ham, Pineapple, Napoli sauce and cheese…

  • $23.00

Mexican Parmi main course image

Mexican Parmi

With Guacamole and Sour Cream ***Served w…

  • $23.00

Fisherman Parmi main course image

Fisherman Parmi

With Creamy Garlic Prawns ***Served with …

  • $24.00

Pepperoni Hunger - Buster (parmigiana) main course image

Pepperoni Hunger - Buster (parmigiana)

With Pepperoni, Napoli sauce and cheese *…

  • $24.00